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Privacy Policy for Personal Loans

Last update: 8/30/2018


Our website is primarily aimed at providing people with the proper knowledge about personal loans and credit. Our platform is also the place where you can find all the information you need to to make appropriate applications for such commercial endeavors.

You will find the link to our website right blew:

All of the people involved with our website are affiliated with the occupation of finance and banking, primarily with managing and handling personal loans.


What You Get:

Any information is taken only after we have received consent from each user respectively. Not only that you are entirely free to refuse our request. If you are one of our clients that have subscribed to our site and wished to undo that not to worry, you can quickly withdraw and have all your information deleted.

The downside to declining we request that you will not experience some of the more tailored services we offer. You can either change or remove consent whenever you like.

With time we will be updating our privacy policies, and you will be noted as soon as we do.


What Data We Collect:

For offering you the most individual advice that we can we collect personal information from our users with their consent. As such the information that we need for giving you a better experience at our website may be your email, name, phone number, IP address and other things that can relay your financial status if you choose to offer that data.

We want to assert that no leaks are tolerated at our establishment, as such your data is kept as secure as we possibly can.


Comment Section:

We keep a keen eye on our comment section as it is the fastest way our users can contact us for our services. When you comment on our online platform, we make sure to note down as much valuable data from that comment so to enhance the experience of all of our users.

Such data includes IP address, cookies, browser and any data provided within the comment itself.


Where Does That Data Go?

The bulk of the data we acquire from our users is almost never shared with any third party unless there is a legal need to do so. So unless any legal association requests us, we will not be sharing your data with any other establishment.


How is the data put to use?

As mentioned above the data we acquire, with consent, is only used to enhance the experience of any further and all individuals that come to our website. This includes; to carry out general data analysis and to administer our Website and affiliated sites;

  • Statistics to measure traffic and popularity of specific topics on our platform.
  • Identifying trends so that we may expand our site to meet such requirements.
  • Improvement and modification of our website as well as the content.
  • Prevention of fake accounts and people attempting to commit any fraud.
  • Moreover, to oblige to legal procedures as well as requirements from various supervising authorities such as the government and law enforcement agencies.
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