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3 Ways to Finance a Business

Picture this; you are planning to start your own business. You have all the good ideas. You’ve done all the proper research required, you know what direction your company needs to go, and you are fully aware of the demographic you want to hit. All that you need to do now istake the first step […]

Facebook’s Market Value Drop

Facebook has suffered over 119 billion dollars’ worth of market value including a 17 billion dollars damage to the founder Mark Zuckerberg, due to the knowledge made public to the investors that the growth of the site had slowed down since the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Source On Thursday, Facebook suffered a 19% drop in its […]



For a lot of people, they don’t know what is accounting, accounting is nothing more than just a subject that they could’ve chosen as their go-to in college or university. If you have not gone much further than that looking into accounting, of course, you won’t know much more about it.   Now for those that […]

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